Nast uganda membership

Eligibility for membership to NAST-Uganda is open to any persons who are citizens of Uganda and are interested in the teaching and learning of science.

Membership types

  1. Founding Members: The science teachers, who came together to form NAST-Uganda on 31st March, 2010.
  2. Full Members: These are the core members of the association who are eminent qualified Ugandan science teachers.
  3. Associate Members: Members elected from amongst science educators who are not citizens of Uganda, but have made significant contributions to the teaching and learning of science. Such members enjoy the same rights and privileges as Members except the right to vote in the General Assembly or to be elected Officers of NAST-Uganda.
  4. Honorary Members: These shall be elected by the General Assembly from amongst persons of eminence or highest standing in the field of science education who have made outstanding contributions to the objectives of NAST-Uganda. But such membership does not entitle the holder to vote in the General Assembly or to hold elective office within NAST-Uganda.



No. Category Subscription Fees
1. Full Members 25,000/=
2. Associate Members 100,000/=
3. Honorary Members 50,000/=
4. Student Teachers 10,000/=
5. Schools 50,000/=
6. Tertiary Institutions 100,000/=