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Nast-Uganda celebrates three years of existence this year in October. As we celebrate, I would like to give you an overview of our key achievements over this period and introduce to you our strategic vision for the next 3-5 years.

Our key achievements include:

  1. Registration of the association and its affiliation to a number of organizations both within and outside the country. These organizations include; UNAS (Uganda National Academy of Sciences), UNCST (Uganda National Council for Science and Technology) and the Alberta Science Teachers Association. Affiliation to other international organizations such as the Australian Association of Science Teachers is being pursued and shows promise.
  2. We held the 1st and 2nd Annual Science Teachers Conferences at Ridar Hotel (Mukono) and Makerere University in the years 2011 and 2012 respectively. Both conferences were exciting and a number of discussions and resolutions were agreed upon including;
  3. A website (www.nastuganda.org) is active and enriched. Members are encouraged to use it and to interact with each other. In future we plan to include links, scientific information and other vital sites.
  4. T-shirts, bags, stickers and banners have been produced and distributed. More need to be produced.
  5. We have an interior administration including zonal co-ordinators and their deputies. In future we shall need district NAST-Uganda co-ordinators.
  6. This year we are launching the first ever STAR Awards in September / October 2013.
  7. School authorities are encouraged to nominate the most outstanding science teachers who will be appreciated through an established system.
  8. We have written proposals for supporting the education of the girl child in science; the strengthening of practical and laboratory teaching; which show some promise.
  9. We also pledge within this year to engage the Ministry of Education and Sports more proactively in the areas of curriculum development / reform, examinations, teacher training, science pedagogy etc.
  10. Our strategic desire is to have well motivated and professional science teachers as members to push for reforms in the teaching and learning of science in this country. Our core values remain core_values And we seek partnership with both the private sector and government in our endeavour to have technology led development so that we transform Uganda into a middle income country by 2040. We believe in making our own scientists through a strengthened science education system. I believe we can achieve it: God Bless Uganda, God Bless NAST-Uganda.


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